“New Year, New Me”

“New year New me” I wonder how many people around the world said that today. And how many actually stick to it? I’m one of those. It’s hard to change into a “fitness freak”, “goal getter” and have an insanely positive outlook on life. Life can be shit. We all know it and experience it. So, stop beating yourself up about it. Just because it’s the start of a new year don’t put this insane pressure on yourself to change your life drastically. Change takes time. 

In fact, I found that coming up to the new year, by putting all this pressure on myself to achieve all of my goals within the first month, just stressed me out beyond belief and actually made me less likely to achieve any of them. Now I’m sitting in a cafe staring at a screen trying to achieve all of these goals I’ve set for myself and I haven’t a clue where to start. But I’ve told myself that’s ok. I’ll get to it. 

Come to think of it, I tried this blogging jazz last year but posted none of it because I didn’t know where to post it and if I did find anywhere to post it I’m such a perfectionist, that any attempt I made at making a blog was never good enough. (Or I thought wasn’t good enough because of the industry I’m in and how critical people can be of each other).


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