My Adidas Relationship

I’m pretty obsessed with all things Adidas. I’ve annoyingly gathered a million stains on this top at this stage, from tan to food – I swear I’m not actually a pig! Every guy seems to want to steal this off me for themselves because it’s not sold anywhere. There are similar ones but not with the Dutch logo/branding. For this shoot, I had planned on wearing jeans but I managed to forget them so we made leggings work (I think). I used to live in the cons but I’ve swayed more to the Vans side these days, I just find a lower cut ankle is more complementing on my leg – anyone else agree with this theory? Again, living in these Asos sunnies, a friend of mine recently bought them after she tried them on while visiting me, they seem to suit everyone. This leather is such a staple piece, I bought it in Zara in December. It’s quite long which is a first for me because I normally buy cropped/waist length leather jackets but the Christmas binge was out in full force at the time, I wanted that extra cover!

Nicola x



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