This is a little behind the scenes footage I shot with RebeccaSpencer. Rebecca was recommended to me through a friend of mine and it was one of the best recommendations I’ve ever had. She is such a lovely girl. I can be quite uncomfortable when it comes to shooting with new people but she made me feel completely at ease. She listens to what you want and has an eye for what you are trying to achieve.
We’ve captured some great moments together and composed amazing shots. Definitely a girl about town to know!

I teamed this outfit together wearing a H&M suit, Primark red shoes and a Zara Handbag. I’ve had so many compliments on these sunglasses, they’re from Asos, the men’s section actually, quite an old pair but they always seem to restock them, which is great as I’m forever breaking and losing sunglasses!

Nicola x



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