My Bali Adventure

This was hands down the most relaxing trip I’ve ever been on. I’m such a worrier and overthinker, I literally over analyse every single detail of my life. And to be able to completely switch off was a blessing. I loved every single second of this trip regardless of the thunder storms, I travelled to Bali with a friend of mine Lily, to stay with her friend Melina in Canggu (who is now a very good friend of mine). The life people live in Bali is worlds away from my life in London. Most of the people I met out there were bloggers, photographers and entrepreneurs just basically living the life. Now I wouldn’t recommend setting up shop there for life but to be able to live part of your life there would be a dream! Our days consisted of waking up at 5/6am (due to jet lag) and the first struggle of our day was where to eat for breakfast! Sounds ridiculous but that is the life they were living, I reckon I spent about £200 over the space of 10 days – mental. Luckily, I stayed with Melina, a photographer living in Canguu, we spent our days shooting in beautiful places. Melina wasn’t too happy with the weather situation but being the star she is, we managed to get some insane shots together. Most evenings I was in bed by 8pm, again due to jet lag but I loved it. I came back to London with the same sleeping schedule which made me become a bit of a hermit but it didn’t faze me. I remember one of the first nights out when I came back to London, I was in the pub and I felt dizzy weirdly enough which I was told is due to being overtired? So straight to bed I went at 7pm!

I highly recommend eating in Milk&Madu Cafe Canggu. I had breakfast there every morning, I’ve attached pictures of the girl’s food below. My breakfast of choice, as I was trying to be super healthy, was spinach, mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes and slow roasted oven baked tomatoes – IT WAS DELICIOUS (I tried to recreate when I got home but didn’t quite nail it the way they did)


On my last night, the girls took me to LaBaracca, an Italian in Badung – known for their pizza. And rightly so! Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of the masterpiece!

We ended up in a storm one day out in Seminyak, stranded for 3 hours due to me dragging the girls to @GooseberryIntimates to collect a parcel of mine. So we decided to make the most of our surroundings. Melina’s camera is basically her third arm so at every opportunity we shot. We ended up in MotelMexicola, a very cool Mexican in Seminyak. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to explore its nightlife experience but luckily, I did get to visit it. We tried to chance our arms and shoot there with their consent but got swiftly told off by the manager. So, we sneakily took a few iPhone pics which resulted in us more or less being escorted out! (worth it)

Another gem I ended up in was PotatoHead, a club in Bandung. We went there in the evening for some drinks with friends, this is the place you could go with your partner for a romantic evening or with a bunch of girlfriends for some nibbles and drinks looking out to the sea by the pool.

Nicola x


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