Everlasting Adidas Love

This was another look from my day of shooting with LillieHand and AilisMara.

Fairly chilled look, my ideal. I could live in Adidas. I’m not normally a fan of this salmon/pink colour but Ailis twisted my arm seeing as I had just gone with the pink hair.

It worked a little more than it would have done with my blonde hair. I always think pink on blondes is just a bit much, especially when I’ve such bright blonde hair and tend to have a weekly tan distaster of some sort.

Gotta talk about the boots, they’re RiverIsland. They don’t look comfy and they’re fairly high but I genuinely can run around care free in these things and I’m not a heel sort of girl at all.

You guys can find links to buy these pieces or similar ones on my LikeToKnowIt page 🙂

Nicola x


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